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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. The fixture that I am trying to enter a result for is not on the drop-down list?
1. Click on one of the team names from the home page to make sure a result has not already been entered
2. Check that the fixture was a home match for your club
3. Check the 'Overdue Results List' from the home page. If your club has any entries on that list then they must be cleared before you can enter any further results.
4. Check that you are
logged into the correct system
Am I in the right system?
It is easy to log into the wrong Section/Season without realising it. You will then not be able to update the system as you wish. Check the text at the top of the admin screen, this will tell you what system (Season and Section) you are in. Normally the current Season will not have a year in the web address.
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If none of the above help then contact your league organiser via the link on the home page.

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