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Q. What are the ESR Membership System Error Codes, what do they mean and what do I have to do about them?
It is assumed that you have access, either directly or indirectly, to your Club's ESR Membership System and are familiar with its use. If you do not have this then you need to resolve that with your Club and/or England Squash.

Code 0 - The Player has no ESR Membership System number
Code 3 - The ESR Membership Number has not been found
Code 4 - The Surname provided does not match that on the ESR Membership System
Code 5 - The Player is active and verified - No further action needed
Code 6 - The Player is active but not verified
Code 7 - The Player is active but the membership has expired
Code 8 - The Player is active, the membership has expired and was never activated.

For Codes 0, 3 or 4 you need to Check, Add or Correct the Player's Membership within your Club's ESR Membership Account.
For code 6 you need to request the Player to complete his/her registration.
For codes 7 or 8 your Club needs to renew the Player's membership and then the Player asked to complete the registration if necessary.

No other codes should occur, if they do then
Contact Support
Getting Further Assistance
First try and contact your Fixtures Secretary, if that is not you. Then send an email via the 'Contact Organiser' link on the home page detailing your problem together with any error messages you are receiving.

If neither your Fixtures Secretary or Section Organiser are able to help you or your problem is urgent and they have not got back to you, then forward the email you sent to your Organiser to .

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